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EndoTrak was developed 21 years ago by Board Certified endodontist Dr. Garrett Guess as a solution to a clear problem:  Dr. Guess wanted a software program that would facilitate the creation and development of a startup endodontic practice while managing the day-to-day activities associated with office administration and most importantly help provide excellence in patient care with an intolerance for any sort of software or hardware computing system instability. 

Specific core functionalities were necessary: efficiency, stability, simplicity, flexibility, and comprehensive documentation.  No solutions existed that provided this combination, so 21 years ago Dr. Guess developed a comprehensive system himself: EndoTrak.

And over the past 20 years Dr. Guess has been busy as an educator and practitioner and the word about his software solution spread, with colleagues desiring the same core functionalities to make their practice of endodontics an efficient and stable reality while maintaining comprehensive documentation.  Now for 20 years, practitioners in the USA, Canada and Australia have relied on and helped develop EndoTrak to drive their practice of excellence in all aspects endodontics.

Through detailed but efficient documentation, EndoTrak enables efficient communication of the case treatment details to patients, staff, doctors and referrals by integrating technologies associated with the technologically advanced endodontic practice: digital imaging, digital radiography, and 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging. 

To learn more about how EndoTrak can change the way you practice by maximizing efficiency and communication while thoroughly managing the patient case from registration to followup, contact Dr. Guess directly at endo@drguess.com






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